Saturday, February 2, 2013

Quartzsite, AZ

Just came back from Quartzsite, AZ.  We "boondocked" for over a month out there on BLM land.  Even though there were a lot of people there we had a great view from our rig.

We had solar panels put on our rig and awning covers put on over our slide-outs.  Wow!  There went our money!  Then, of course, had to attend all the swap meets and spend more money on little things.  In the middle of all of this, we went over to Blythe, CA and attended the Blue Grass Festival for 3 days. 

Patches and Starr had a great time out camping.  Can you believe this cat is 16 yrs old and she is just now going out with us?  Had to post the above picture of Starr.  I can't help it, I just think she is so darn cute sitting out in the middle of the desert.
We did spend some time exploring while in Quartzsite.  We went to Swansea.  It is a copper mining ghost town.  Here are some of the better pictures.
Above is the railroad depot.
And with this I say goodbye for now.