Monday, October 21, 2013

More Michigan and Indiana

Before we left Bob and Karen's place, I caught Bob and Jeff taking the "blue boy" out to the field to dump gray water.  They look like they are having way too much fun.

This is the view we had when we stayed in Grand Haven, MI.  We were still along Lake Michigan. 
We spent a lot of time visiting with Carol and Denny.  Had a lot of fun with them.  We did get a trip into Holland, MI while we were there.  This was at the Windmill Park.
We are now staying in Goshen, IN.  Thought this police booth was interesting.  They locked up criminals like John Dillinger here.  I'm sure there were no Halloween decorations at the time though.  This is sitting right on the street corner next to city hall.

We went through the town of Nappanee yesterday.  They have half apples around their town.  Here are a couple that Jeff and I liked.

We have both been saying this for 5 months now.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Algoma Train to Agawa Canyon in Ontario, Canada

We took the Algoma train from Sault Ste Marie in Ontario to Agawa Canyon.  All the trees were changing colors.  We passed by several lakes.  The countryside was very nice.  We stopped in Agawa Canyon and took a short hike to Bridal Veil Falls and the upper and lower Beaver Falls.

On the train

Here we are at Bridal Falls.
And the Upper and Lower Beaver Falls.

Here is the train that we took.
Caught this rainbow on the ride back on the train.

Michigan - The Big Mitt

Bob's and Karen's Place
We are staying here at Jeff's brother and sister's place.  They have acreage and we are staying on part of it.  Took the RV down and got a three receiver hitch put on.  Jeff and Bob also put in slide out drawers for me in my kitchen.  Yeah!!!

There is plenty of tree color right here on their property.  Couldn't get a picture without Starr in it.  She is having way too much fun.  Karen walks her all the time (for miles) and Starr loves it.

There are turkeys I am seeing other than Jeff.
Mackinac Island
We went over to the island with our bicycles and rode around the island.  There is a bicycle path all the way around.  Took the ferry over there.  No cars are allowed, just horses and bicycles.  You can catch the horse and buggy, rent a bicycle, take your own bicycle, or walk.  Here's the ferry we took over.
This is called Devil's Kitchen.
And this natural made arch is along the bike path also.
Colonial Michilimackinac Park and the Mackinac Bridge
This is the fort at the base of the Mackinac Bridge.  The fort was originally built here by the French and then the British took it over and moved it to Mackinac Island.  I wanted to show off the bridge first.  It is five miles long and connects the UP and the Mitt parts of Michigan.
More pictures of the fort.  This cannon is fired several times a day.