Friday, August 16, 2013

Fishing at Lake Itasca State Park

We have been out fishing in the boat.  What fun just riding around the lake and then onto the really fun part - the fishing!  First picture is all the people at the Mississippi headwaters.

Jeff fishing - what will he catch?

We both caught a large mouth bass.  Then we went to Lake Ozawindib and caught lots of sunfish.  I sure do think they are a pretty fish.

And an eagle that I caught just as he started to fly out of the tree.  This was in Mary's Lake.


  1. I agree Connie. It IS a beautiful fish! Looks like you were having a blast!

  2. We were. We both just kept catching those sunfish. Lots of fun.

  3. Looks like you both had some success in fishing. Did you eat them for dinner?