Friday, September 20, 2013

The UP Michigan

We have been in the UP (upper peninsula) of Michigan for the past week.  We are currently staying in a town called Christmas.  It has cute Christmas names.  We are staying at a casino there and it is on Candy Cane Ln.  They have a decorated Christmas tree in the lobby and the restaurant inside is called Frosty's.  There is also a large (about 20 ft. tall) Santa standing next to the highway.

We are in Culver's in Marquette doing our internet stuff today.  Been to Walmart, the bank, and now here.  Went to Laurium earlier this week and saw the manor there.  It is 13,000 square ft.  The ballroom is 1300 sq. ft.  The manor was finished in 1908.  They use the manor as a bed and breakfast and offer tours.
While we were in Laurium, we talked to a lady who had grown up in Ontonagan.  She told us several historical things.  One of them is that Ontonagan is an Indian word and it means I lost my bowl.  I thought that was a funny name for a town.  I also had my first pasty today.  It's pronounced pass-tee.  Mine had beef, potatoes, rutabaga, and onions in it.
So many of the towns here have very strange sounding names for me.  I'm sure it is just like the people who come to California and have all those Spanish names to learn how to pronounce.
I have taken several pictures of old houses and churches that Jeff and I liked.
I also have taken many pictures of the trees turning colors.  I saw a sign that said, "Fall colors, coming to a tree near you."  I thought that was a great saying for this area. 


And, finally here are a couple pictures of the ore dock here in Marquette.  This dock is about 4 stories high.  The big ships come into Lake Superior and the ore is loaded onto the ships from the dock.  Although, I am not sure that they still use this particular dock.  View is from the side and then from the front with us.

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