Monday, July 1, 2013

Gillette, WY

We are in Gillette, WY this week.  Traveling through Wyoming has been great.  I think I have finally gotten the hang of pulling a boat up and down hills.  I was so ready to get here.  Finally get to stop for more than a night. 

So, Escapee Rally.  We are in a huge complex called Cam-plex.  So far, it is fun.  Just got here yesterday (Sunday, June 30th).  We are boondocking (that's dry camping or no hookups of any kind for those who don't know).  We are set up in the parking lot.  There is a field right across the street for me to take Starr to.  She loves it.

Every day they have drawings and give away gifts.  Last night the entertainment was The Rivoli Revue.  They had funny songs that were all about driving on the road.  One song about awnings.  It was hilarious.  They told some jokes and sang more songs about the American way.  Really good entertainment.  They have a video on Utube about learning English.  You may have seen it.

Today I plan on going to some seminars.  I hope to learn more about the GPS that we have and blogging.  I also hope to attend a history seminar about traveling off the interstate.

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  1. That sounds like fun. How long do you plan to stay there?