Sunday, July 7, 2013

No Name City RV Park in Sturgis, SD

We are in Sturgis, SD.  Hope to see Mt. Rushmore, Hill City, and Deadwood.  Just to name a few places.  Left Gillette yesterday and drove here.  Took about 2 hours.  Now that is a drive that I can handle.  We had our RV weighed yesterday.  That was part of our Escapee rally.  Wow!  Are we overweight.  800 lbs. over on the truck.  Jeff doesn't seem as concerned about it.  We talked last night about things we can do to correct that. 

Fourth of July - The Escapade had a 35th birthday party celebration.  We had a catered dinner and a champagne toast. Those who know me, realize that I did not have champagne (sigh). Then we had the Rivoli's come sing for us again and lot's of people got up and danced.  We all did the chicken dance.  After that the city of Gillette had fireworks right there at the cam-plex.  We actually had lots of fireworks - the ones that the city put on and the ones that mother nature put on.  There was a lot of lightning and thunder going on too.  The whole sky lit up with the lightning.  Overall, we had a great time at the Escapee's Escapade.

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