Monday, July 22, 2013

Mitchell, SD

Here in Mitchell, we got some more stuff situated with our mailing address.  We went into Madison and got everything else we needed straightened out.  We stopped by a place called Prairie Village.

  For my friends in Bakersfield, CA it is a lot like Pioneer Village.  The biggest difference is that the buildings were all from the late 1800's.

It is humid here on the eastern side of the state.  Course, everywhere we go we get thunder and lightening.  We saw the Corn Palace here in Mitchell yesterday.  All the pictures that are seen there are made up entirely of ears of corn.
We also went to the old public library here in Mitchell.  It has been turned into a museum of sorts.  Also, you can do genealogy research there.  It is called the Carnegie Resource Center now.  This building is made of quartzsite.  We got a private little tour from one of the former mayors of the town.  I don't remember her name, but sounds like she was quite a mayor.  She sold the building to the research group for $1.  The rest of the council was mad at her.  They had other plans for the building. 

This dome was painted by Oscar Howe, a Yanktonai Sioux artist.  He painted it in 1940 for $75.  It is "Sun and Rain Clouds over Hills".
So we are off to Le Sueur, MN.


  1. The dome work is very pretty - they got a good deal for $75.00. Of course that was a lot more money back in 1940. I bet meeting the former mayor was the best part.

  2. Amazing! Simple amazing artwork!