Friday, July 12, 2013

Mt. Rushmore & Custer State Park

We went to Rapid City to get our new driver's licenses first thing Tuesday morning.  We did not have the proper paperwork from our campground, so had to go back again Wednesday.  We did get our new driver's licenses on Wednesday.  We are now officially residents of South Dakota.

Our next stop Tuesday was Mt. Rushmore.  And, of course, I am posting pictures.
After we left Mt. Rushmore, we traveled to Custer State Park.  We were hoping to see some bison, but alas, all I saw was one butt as it hightailed it up the hill through some trees.  We did see several antelope, some prairie dogs, deer, and one mule deer.  I wasn't able to get a picture of the mule deer - he was running too fast.  Unfortunately, the picture of the prairie dogs did not turn out.
Here's Jeff and me.
And here is Starr and me.

Here is one of the bridges that we crossed and the stream underneath.
Here's an example of the bridges that we were going through.  This one is actually large because a bus is going through.  There is a sign outside the entrance telling you to blow your horn before entering the tunnel.  When we were on Needlepoint Hwy, the tunnels would only fit one lane of traffic.  The smallest tunnel was 8'4" wide. 
Along the way of Needlepoint Hwy.

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  1. Beautiful photo capturing my friend! Love them all!