Saturday, November 2, 2013

Kentucky Horse Park

After Indiana, we went down to the Kentucky Horse Park.  We were able to stay at the campgrounds there for several days.  The first day there was a competition for horses and riders.  They had various "games" that they completed on their horses.  There were teams of four and each group had to do things such as putting a cup on a post.  One of the games was having the rider run down on the horse, jump off and grab something off the ground, jump back on the horse and then put the item on a post.  They also had to pass off the an item for the next player.  I don't think I am explaining it very well, but it was exciting to watch.  Watching those people vault onto their horses - wow, better athlete than me, that's for sure.

The next day we went around and saw the various museums around the grounds.  So much to see and do there.  Here are a few pictures.

The statue above with Jeff is Man O'War.  The pictures of us on horses was a photo shop thing. 

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